Are You Entrepreneur and could you use a coach /Mentor who thoroughly understands your business? A coach that not only shares his network and experience but equally your dreams and your challenges?


To really help you with your operations and long term strategy it is important to have a closer relationship in order to understand your business and to understand where we can complement each other’s skills.

As a member of an advice board or a board of directors Q3 can be an effective partner to assist you with your business plan and to analyze and challenge your strategy.


With a clear view on your actual business and your ambitions, we can help you define actions and priorities in order to help you realise your success.

Perry de Boer is happy to share with you not only his experience and network but equally your challenges and your dreams.


To become a real active soundboard and an effective spelling partner, it is essential that we have a regular update session. (at least once a month) and remain hot standby whenever you need it.