Are You Entrepreneur and are you looking for practical advice on your strategic or tactical options? Do you want an active soundbar to challenge your ideas or to brainstorm about your business development?


Entrepreneurs of SMEs are often so busy to work in the company that there is hardly time available to work on the company.


For strategic decisions You may sometimes feel alone at the top without a spelling partner to brainstorm for the best options. External consultants sometimes come with rather academic guidelines without the practical feasibility to the scale of Your company.


The advice of a colleague entrepreneur is therefore often more to the point and more practical to implement as it takes care with the daily life constraints of a SME.


Perry de Boer has been managing several SME’s through a successful growth cycle and translates the theoretical models into practical feasible guidelines.


Q-advice is a service that can be performed on a day-by-day basis or on a project basis. It is a good way to help you with a particular issue or a bottleneck in your company.